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Number of cyber attacks on the rise in Poland

In the last two years, the number of cyberattacks on private individuals, companies, and public institutions has significantly increased. A cyberattack on an office can create a sense of insecurity and discourage digital services. In a war-time threat situation, indigenous digital solutions are particularly important because they allow cyber sovereignty to develop, Deputy State Assets Minister Maciej Małecki said.

The increase in the number of cyber attacks is caused by, among other things, increases in international tensions and the transfer of large areas of business and service activities online, forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. The deputy minister assessed that there is no turning back from digitalisation, which is why it is so important to secure both private and state systems.

Cyber sovereignty

According to the deputy minister, a positive development is an increase in public awareness. As he noted, there is a growing number of users who know the importance of keeping the operating system up to date, changing passwords or avoiding clicking on links sent by strangers. Such caution, he added, is essential, especially for businesses.

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A hacking attack can deprive a company of its funds, and weaken its brand, while attacks on government offices create a sense of threat among citizens, cause social unrest, and discourage the use of digital services,” Deputy Minister Małecki emphasised.

He added that Polish companies have a very important role in creating anti-hacking solutions.

5G Industrial revolution

The deputy minister also spoke about creating in-house solutions, as Poland is now on the verge of the 5G industrial revolution. This technology is to be associated with the digitalisation of our everyday lives, economy, and administration.

“We did not have the chance, as Poles, to actively participate in previous industrial revolutions, such as the rise of the steam engine, electricity or the computer revolution, because Poland was either under partition or under communism. Now we have the chance to participate on an equal footing in the revolution creating Industry 4.0,” Maciej Małecki.

He explained that the idea is for Polish companies to be the leaders in the technological chain and not just users of ready-made solutions or sub-suppliers of lower categories.

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