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Authorities are doing their job: former NATO official on missile that hit Poland

To talk about the Russian-made missile that dropped on Przewodów, a village in Poland near the border with Ukraine, killing two Polish citizens, the possible aftermath and how NATO should react to the missile that struck Poland, TVP World invited Robert Pszczel, a Senior Fellow at the Pulaski Foundation and former NATO official.

According to Robert Pszczel, the Polish authorities are doing what they are supposed to do in such an event, they are investigating. He pointed out that one of the main factors concerning the event has been resolved namely that it was a missile and it was Russian-made.

What is still unclear is why the missile struck the Polish village. “Whether it was a missile that was for example shot down by the Ukrainian air defence? Was it a missile that went, you know, in the wrong direction?” the former NATO official asked.

He further stated that such information is important to determine before any further actions on part of Poland and its allies are made. Later on “Poland should propose what should happen next,” he added.

TVP World’s guest also noted that Polish authorities already took certain steps “raising the level of the necessary alert for a number of units”. However, they could also “ask the Allies” for help, in areas such as an “increased presence of air defence systems”, fighter planes and further assistance for Ukraine.

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