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Our army will not stop until we liberate our homeland: Ukrainian MP

To talk about the Ukrainian counteroffensive and the recent liberation of Kharkiv and several other settlements in recent days, TVP World invited a Ukrainian MP from the Servant of the People party, Olexandr Merezhko.

The MP said that the Ukrainian army already liberated “a dozen of settlements, including small towns, villages and so on.”

He added that the “advance will continue in the south and also in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions and we will not stop, our army will not stop till we liberate the whole territory of Ukraine including Crimea.”

Mr Merezhko pointed out that due to the Russians striking key energy infrastructure in Ukraine, the country is set to face a very harsh winter. However, he stressed that the spirit of the people in Ukraine is high and that most people got used to the tough situation.

He also refuted the notion of a second wave of refugees this winter.

The Ukrainian MP also touched on the subject of Vladimir Putin possibly using nuclear weapons. According to him if the Russian leader uses an atomic bomb the Russian army will be “finished”, as the whole civilised world would react decisively, and that is why Mr Putin is unlikely to use such a weapon.

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