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Business Arena 14.11

In Monday’s edition of Business Arena, our host David Kennedy takes a closer look at the art of investing and monetisation of Twitter’s blue ticks of approval.

The latest slowdown in the tech world has taken the shine off investing in Silicon Valley tech start-ups as a sure fire way to make money. Many of the founders of the top West Coast firms invested their money elsewhere – in art.

And the 1.5 billion dollar private collections to come up for sale has been making the financial pages as well as the culture pages this week. Paul Allen, the late Microsoft founder, was a prolific collector of impressionists and expressionists.

Meanwhile, apart from complaining that he’s working day and night to turn Twitter around, Elon Musk’s new ideas are creating more problems that they are solving.

The company is now charging USD 8 for a blue tick of approval. But Twitter could be even more short of cash if companies scammed by fake accounts posing as their PR departments take action for the losses in their share values over the past few days.

The episode’s guest was Łukasz Sinicyn, Founder of the ARX gallery.

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