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War in Ukraine cannot end on Putin’s terms: political commentator

With Ukraine retaking the city of Kherson, it seems like the Russian dictator is losing its grip on the country he invaded. Even though Russia still holds Ukrainian territory, the Ukrainian forces are advancing. Journalist and political commentator Agaton Koziński joined TVP World to further analyse the situation.

Retaking Kherson renewed allies’ optimism in Ukraine’s victory, however, the US have declined the supply of some weapons, Mr Koziński believed that the US midterm election and its own internal politics might have shifted the stance of the Biden administration.

Reclaiming Kherson is a historical moment, but according to Mr Koziński, the war is far from over, there has been a lot of talks about peace and negotiations recently, but not much of it seems realistic in the political commentator’s estimation.

Putin is charging forward headfirst into Ukraine, the Russian dictator has put himself in a situation where losing in Ukraine means him losing political power, a result he simply would not accept.

Mr Koziński emphasised that the war cannot end on Putin’s terms. If he gets to dictate how a war begins as well as how it ends, it would mean no peace for the civilised western democratic world.

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