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EC proposes two action plans to boost military and cybersecurity

In an attempt to bolster European cyber defence systems and allow armed forces to move faster across borders The European Commission proposed two action plans on Tuesday. They are aimed to address the deteriorating security situation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“War is back to our borders and the Russia aggression against Ukraine is undermining peace and the international rule-based system globally,” EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell announced at a news conference.

We welcome the adoption of the #EU Policy on #CyberDefence 🥳 With it, the EU will boost its capacity to protect its citizens, armed forces and critical infrastructure against cyber threats 🔒🪖 We are stronger together! #cybersecurity 🦾 For more ⬇️

— CyberSec_EU 🇪🇺 (@Cybersec_EU) November 10, 2022

“It affects us and we have to adapt our defence policies to this new environment,” he added.

The Commission said Russian cyberattacks on European Union countries and their partners were a “wake-up” call. The EC emphasised that more action was needed to protect EU citizens and armed forces, and cooperation with NATO should be stepped up.

The action plans

The Action Plan on Military Mobility proposed by the European Commission is aimed at helping European armed forces to respond better, more rapidly and at a sufficient scale to crises erupting at the EU’s external borders and beyond.

Fast military mobility is crucial to respond to threats and crises.

Today, we propose an Action Plan on Military Mobility that will help 🇪🇺 armed forces to respond better, faster and proportionately to crises at the EU's external borders and beyond.

— European Commission 🇪🇺 (@EU_Commission) November 10, 2022

Another policy proposed by the Commission is the EU Cyber Defence Policy. Its main purpose is to boost EU cyber defence capabilities and strengthen coordination and cooperation between the military and civilian cyber communities.

The new #CyberDefence policy will:

🛡️boost EU cyber defence
🤝strengthen cooperation between military & civilian cyber communities
🚨 enhance cyber crisis management
🖥️help reduce critical tech dependencies
👩‍💻attract & train new talents


— Digital EU 🇪🇺 (@DigitalEU) November 10, 2022

The initiative is part of a series of measures proposed by the European Commission in recent months to strengthen the bloc’s cybersecurity resilience amid a spate of cyberattacks on governments and businesses worldwide.

Last week EU cybersecurity agency ENISA said geopolitics such as the invasion of Ukraine has led to more damaging and widespread cybersecurity attacks in the EU.

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