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Iran to unleash thousands of cutting-edge drones on Ukraine: journalist

It didn’t take long for the courageous defenders of Ukraine to work out efficient tactics against the Iranian Shahed drones, TVP World’s guest Andrew Pryma, founder of Ukraine Business News said, but more trouble looms on the horizon as Tehran is to dispatch “thousands” of deadlier Arash-2 drones.

According to Mr Pryma, Russian forces that have been using Iranian drones within the last week damaged approximately 40 percent of the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

He went on to say that the Ukrainian government had no other choice but to economise energy usage by rationing energy access. “So they are basically switching from region to region. Some regions have power for four to five hours, some other regions are completely out of electricity,” he said, adding that, in reality, the government was providing energy just for the most basic needs.

Mr Pryma agreed that Russia was completely disregarding international law in this regard. Noting the Ukrainian forces’ streak of success on the battlefield in the last three to four months, TVP World’s guest said that Russia seemed incapable of stopping the counteroffensive. Instead, the Russians “decided to use their missiles to destroy the infrastructure of Ukraine in order to bury the country in the dark.”

Despite Russia’s earnest intentions of hurling Ukraine into chaos, Mr Pryma said, “this is not happening. Ukrainian forces were able to shoot down 90 percent of the Iranian drones that Russia has been using in the last four weeks.”

“In the last four weeks, Russian forces received a delivery of 150 Iranian drones called Shahed-136. They’ve been very successful in the first two weeks and that’s when Ukrainian forces were actually learning how to fight those drones. Those drones were flying very low,” Mr Pryma said, stressing that the Ukrainian air defence system could not intercept them. “Two weeks later Ukraine learnt how to fight them.

“However, there’s a new problem. The Iranian government has announced that they would send a very new version of these drones – Arash-2 drones,” Mr Pryma said, adding that Tehran promised to supply Moscow with “thousands” of those drones. “Those drones… can fly up to 1,000 km. This imposes a high threat on Ukraine and its infrastructure. This is why the Ukrainian government… has been asking its Western Allies” for pertinent defence systems.

Will the West heed Ukraine’s call for long-range weapons? There are some concerns among Ukraine’s Western allies as regards the usage of such weaponry. To learn more, click the video above.

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