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Poland, Lithuania tighten military cooperation

Poland and Lithuania will strengthen bilateral defence cooperation under a new agreement signed in Vilnius on Friday by the commanders of the two countries’ armed forces.

The document was signed by Chief of the General Staff of the Polish Army General Rajmund Andrzejczak and Lithuania’s Chief of Defence General Valdemaras Rupšys.

“The agreement contains concrete guidelines on the exchange of intelligence information in all dimensions,” Gen Rupšys told a press conference. “We have been doing it for many years and that cooperation is particularly important to us, to Lithuania, because the Polish Armed Forces provide us with comprehensive assistance in the provision of intelligence data.”

The document also covers the possibility for preemptive manoeuvres.

“We will check the preparedness of the armed forces in ensuring unity and territorial integrity,” Mr Rupšys said. “It is one of the elements of deterrence.”

“Of course, we should keep the exercises at an appropriate level,” said Gen Andrzejczak, adding that the two countries were also looking at ways to support the Ukrainian Army during the winter.

“The Russians are… preparing for the next phase [of the war], so we are considering how to maintain the training rhythm of the Ukrainian army at various levels,” he further explained.

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