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Lubiatowo-Kopalino named preferred site of first nuclear power plant

The coastal village of Lubiatowo-Kopalino is set to become the location of Poland’s first nuclear power plant.

The village, which lies between the seaside resorts of Leba and Debki, was named in a draft resolution on the Polish government’s nuclear power plans.

The draft resolution also foresees acceptance of an American offer to build the plant and the choice of US nuclear company Westinghouse’s AP1000 technology. 

Westinghouse has specified Lubiatowo-Kopalino as its preferred location.

In the draft, the Polish government expresses its support for a conceptual and executive report on the country’s first large-scale atomic power station, which was compiled on the basis of a Polish-American cooperation agreement on developing civilian-use nuclear power in Poland. The report was signed in 2020.

Another key element of the resolution is its recognition of the need to accelerate the preparations and the construction of a second large-scale nuclear plant, though the technology involved in it was not specified.

On Friday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki wrote on Twitter: “After talks with US Vice President Kamala Harris and US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, we confirm our nuclear energy project will use the reliable, safe technology of Westinghouse Electric Company.”

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