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Russia never keeps its promises: activist

TVP World is joined by Viktoria Pogrebniak from the Euromaidan Warsaw NGO to discuss Ukraine’s efforts at exporting grain despite Russia’s malevolent attitude towards the deal it signed months ago, as well as a range of other topics related to Ukraine.

Ukrainian ships keep sailing despite Russia suspending grain deal

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From “saviour of Africa” to contributing to the deepening food crisis on the continent, Russia is trying to hamper Ukrainian grain exports, despite the UN- and Türkiye-brokered deal on facilitation of those, which Moscow was part of.

“Russia never keeps its promises,” Ms Pogrebniak said, adding that this was another proof “that Russia is not a country you can negotiate any deal with. They have broken the grain deal… on the 26th of July when they hit the Odesa seaport.

She went on to stress that it was the first time that Russia violated the agreement. But even today Russia continues fabricating excuses not to observe the deal, for instance, claiming that Ukraine is exporting the grain to Europe instead of Africa and Asia.

Regarding the Ukrainian counteroffensive, in particular towards Kherson, Ms Pogrebniak quoted military sources saying that the de-occupation of the region in question would take another two months. TVP World’s guest stressed in that regard that Ukrainians knew the battlefield better than Russians who have been there only for about four months.

To learn more details, click the video above.

Established in 2013, Euromaidan Warsaw is a civil initiative that seeks to support Ukrainian society and Ukraine on its road towards EU integration.

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