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Ukrainians do not want to negotiate with Russia: USAID official

To talk about the situation in Ukraine and the constant Russian attacks on civilian infrastructure TVP World invited Mariya Heletiy PhD, Deputy Chief of Party at USAID Ukraine Civil Society Sectoral Support Activity.

According to Mrs Heletiy Ukrainians are ready to suffer Russian attacks if that means they will not end up being a part of the Russian Federation.

She added that Ukrainians “do not want to negotiate with Russia about anything”. In turn, the Ukrainian society wants “victory on the battlefield”.

The deputy chief also pointed out that throughout places in Ukraine, liberated from the Russian occupation, Ukrainian services find more and more instances of Russians killing civilians instead of fighting with Ukraine’s military. This is a war “about intimidating civilians,” she stressed.

Mariya Heletiy also spoke about the forcible relocations of Ukrainian citizens by Russians. She emphasised that the forceful relocations mostly hurt children, as adults have a chance to escape from Russia to Europe but young children soon after being relocated are put into the system and get indoctrinated.

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