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Record volumes of agricultural products leave Ukrainian ports

A record volume of 354,500 tonnes of agricultural products was carried on vessels leaving Ukrainian ports on Monday as part of the Black Sea grain deal, a spokesperson for Odesa’s military administration reported.

Turkey, Ukraine push on with grain deal despite Russian withdrawal

The United Nations, Turkey and Ukraine pressed ahead to implement a Black Sea grain deal and agreed on a transit plan for Monday for 16 vessels to…

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“Today 12 ships left Ukrainian ports. UN and Turkish delegations provide 10 inspection teams to inspect 40 ships aiming to fulfil the Black Sea Grain Initiative. This inspection plan has been accepted by the Ukrainian delegation. The Russian delegation has been informed,” Ukrainian Infrastructure Minster Oleksandr Kubrakov wrote on social media.

Today 12 🚢s left 🇺🇦 ports. @UN & 🇹🇷delegations provide 10 inspection teams to inspect 40 🛳️s aiming to fulfill the #BlackSeaGrainInitiative. This inspection plan has been accepted by the 🇺🇦 delegation. The russian delegation has been informed.

— Oleksandr Kubrakov (@OlKubrakov) October 31, 2022
The UN has reported it agreed with Ukraine and Turkey on a movement plan for 16 vessels on Monday – 12 outbound from Ukrainian ports and four inbound – and it intends to inspect 40 outbound vessels anchored near Istanbul during the day.

The IKARIA ANGEL 🚢 loaded w/ 40 K tons of grain is among the vessels that have left 🇺🇦 ports. This is the 7th 🛳️ chartered under the @UN @WFP. These foodstuffs were intended for the residents of Ethiopia, who faced the real possibility of mass starvation.

— Oleksandr Kubrakov (@OlKubrakov) October 31, 2022
“The passage to Ukrainian ports for loading is allowed for 4 ships that have already passed inspection in the Bosphorus the day before. The inspection group was composed of representatives of the UN, Turkey, Ukraine and Russia,” Mr Kubrakov added.

⚡️The first ship was allowed to continue sailing after the grain deal inspections resumed, media reports, citing a UN spokesman.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) October 31, 2022
Earlier on Saturday, following the purported Ukrainian drone attack in which Russia’s Black Sea flagship vessel Admiral Makarov was damaged, Russia retaliated by suspending its participation in the UN-brokered deal to export agricultural produce from Ukrainian ports, dealing a giant blow to global grain supplies.

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