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Inferior in quality, ‘mobilniks’ are still fresh, numerous Russian troops: expert

Jacek Raubo, PhD, a security and defence expert, was World’s guest invited to discuss the latest development in Ukraine’s Kherson counteroffensive.

Although from the onset of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine Russians enjoyed vast superiority in the numbers of artillery, dubbed by military experts as the King of the Battlefield, the plucky Ukrainian artillery has the invaders on the back foot.

Mr. Raubo identifies several reasons for this: firstly, there is the fact that the Ukrainian artillery focuses on key sections of the frontline and is making good use of the Western-supplied weapons systems; secondly, Ukraine makes better use of even the old Soviet-era artillery pieces thanks to superior intelligence, both gathered by the Ukrainians, as well as that supplied by its Western allies.

Asked about the quality of the Russian troops on the frontline, Mr. Raubo pointed out how in spite of their inferior morale, training, and equipment, freshly mobilised Russian soldiers are soldiers nonetheless, and in those terms, they will pose a challenge for the Ukrainian defenders.

Other matters discussed by Mr Raubo were: what exactly are the freshly mobilised troops good for; the Russians’ training and morale; and why is Russia not so quick to throw all of their air force as Ukraine as it is keen to throw warm bodies into the grinder.

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