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Ukrainians express gratitude for Polish help

In an act of gratitude for the assistance rendered by Poland to Ukraine, residents of Kyiv unfurled large flags of both countries stitched together and carried them through the Ukrainian capital’s streets.

🇺🇦 🇵🇱 У Києві розгорнули великий спільний прапор України та Польщі

Так українці показали свою вдячність полякам за їхню допомогу.

Відео: Центр стратегічних комунікацій

— АSLAN (@antiputler_news) October 30, 2022

The video was also shared on the Facebook page of Ukraine’s Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security.

“Two flags, one goal – Ukraine’s victory,” reads the Centre’s Facebook post. “Ukrainians do not cease to thank Poland for its incredible support and help in the fight against Russian occupiers.”

Poland among countries most helpful to Ukraine: German think-tank

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Immediately following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Poland became the primary destination for Ukrainian refugees. Millions of Ukrainians have crossed the border into Poland and according to the website of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees, as of October 25, nearly 1.5 Ukrainian refugees remain in Poland, the largest number of Ukrainian refugees in any country. The Polish government has also provided assistance to internally displaced persons in Ukraine.

Since the start of the full-scale Russian aggression against its eastern neighbour, Poland has furthermore donated hundreds of heavy equipment pieces and personal weapons systems to Ukraine’s armed forces, whereas Poles organised countless initiatives to collect money for humanitarian relief and to support Ukrainian servicemen and servicewomen defending their country on the frontlines.

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