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At least 146 killed in Halloween stampede in South Korea

The number of deaths reported in a Halloween stampede on Saturday in a central district of the South Korean capital Seoul has risen to 146, emergency officials said.

Choi Sung-beom, head of the Yongsan Fire Station, said that the incident took place at about 10:20 p.m. (1320 GMT) as a large number of people fell down in a narrow alley during a Halloween event.

A further 150 people were injured in the crush in Seoul’s Itaewon district

“The area is still chaotic so we are still trying to figure out the exact number of people injured,” an official at the National Fire Agency Moon Hyun-joo said.

It was reported that foreigners were among those transferred to nearby hospitals.

Bodies line the streets of Seoul after Halloween stampede:
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— Siraj Noorani (@sirajnoorani) October 29, 2022

The office of President Yon Suk-yeol, who presided over an emergency meeting with senior aides, announced that he ordered emergency medical teams to the area.

It was the first Halloween event in three years after the country lifted COVID restrictions and social distancing. Some witnesses described the crowd becoming increasingly unruly and agitated as the evening deepened.

The Itaewon district is popular with young South Koreans and expatriates alike. Dozens of bars and restaurants located in the district were packed on Saturday for Halloween.

A fire broke out, near the disaster event in Korea..
at the Halloween celebrations. 🇰🇷#SouthKorea #Halloween #Seoul #Itaewon #이태원 #이태원사고 #압사사고.

— Siraj Noorani (@sirajnoorani) October 29, 2022

The exact cause of the incident is being investigated by the authorities.

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