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Xi Jinping is undisputed ruler of China: expert

The latest developments in China and Europe’s changing relationship with the Asian nation was the main subject of the interview with an expert in foreign relations and China, Radosław Pyffel from the Sobieski Institute.

Mr Pyffel said that Xi Jinping is the undisputed ruler of China as he managed to put his major supporters in the highest positions in the country. As the President and the head of the Communist Party, he will control all of China’s policies in a full consolidation of power.

The expert from the Sobieski Institute also pointed out that Europe has to reevaluate its relationship with China. Especially Bejing’s support for Russia may put European nations in a very difficult position.

Mr Pyffel said that the green light for the Chinese investment in the port of Hamburg may mark a new era in German-Chinese relations. He also stressed that German Chancellor Olaf Schultz is set to visit President Xi in November to talk about the future of the pragmatic relationship between the two countries.

TVP World’s guest also discussed the tensions related to Taiwan. He said that during the recent Congress of the Communist Party of China, Xi Jinping openly declared that the use of force against Taiwan may be taken into consideration, however, China would struggle for peaceful reunification with the island.

Mr Pyffel said that China is still waiting for the outcome of the war in Ukraine. From the Asian nation’s perspective, the conflict is beneficial as it weakens not only Russia but also Europe.

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