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We can’t exclude the use of nuclear bomb by Russia: PM for Washington Post

The use of nuclear weapons by Russia cannot be ruled out, because it has found itself in a position in which it had never expected to be found, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Tuesday in an interview with the American Washington Post. He also assured that Poland was prepared for various scenarios, including an attack on its territory.

PM Morawiecki was asked by David Ignatius on the Washington Post Live programme about the possibility of using nuclear weapons by Moscow.

He expressed the hope that this escalation would not be based on the use of these weapons, but that “it is clear that the Kremlin does not see Ukraine as the only battlefield”, pointing out, inter alia, on cyberspace, economy and propaganda.

Mateusz Morawiecki noted that Poland has made preparations for various scenarios, both military within NATO and, for example, by expanding the network of shelters and preparing the distribution of iodine tablets.

“On the one hand, these are normal preparations, but on the other hand, we are part of the strongest alliance in the world, NATO, and we believe that Putin and the Kremlin will stop using catastrophic weapons of mass destruction,” he said.

The prime minister also said that Poland had plans in case Russia attacked Polish territory, for example by hitting arms transports to Ukraine. He also referred to the words of US President Joe Biden during his visit to Warsaw, when he declared that the US would defend every inch of NATO territory.

“That said, we already have good anti-missile and anti-aircraft systems in place with US forces and our UK friends. We know this is not guaranteed 100 percent, but our skies are fairly well protected,” said the head of government.

PM Morawiecki declared that he would not allow a scenario in which Russia would win in Ukraine and would be able to attack NATO countries.

Asked if he considered a “total military victory” of Ukraine on the battlefield as possible, Morawiecki replied that this “very optimistic scenario” was possible. He noted, however, that it is up to the Ukrainians to decide what are acceptable conditions for ending the war.

Germany’s mistake of relying on Russian energy

When asked about the European energy crisis and Germany’s attitude towards it, Morawiecki expressed his hope that Berlin learned from this lesson.

“I hope Germany learns from this lesson because the results are quite severe for them: it means a recession, maybe even a deep recession … It means the highest inflation since 1951. Unbelievable, right?” – He said.

PM Morawiecki judged that by relying on Russia, Germany “put all the eggs in one basket and it was a huge, huge mistake”, as a consequence of which all of Europe is suffering.

He noted that thanks to many years of preparation and investments in gas infrastructure, Poland was able to completely disconnect and become independent of Russian gas quite quickly, and may even become a source of energy security for the entire region.

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