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Germany’s change of attitude towards Ukraine ‘schizophrenic’: former ambassador

Former Polish Ambassador to Ukraine Jan Piekło felt that Germany’s change of attitude towards Ukraine came late and that contradictory messages sent by the German state Russian policy and Saxony’s federal state policy towards Russia sounded “schizophrenic”.

With the conference on the reconstruction of Ukraine going on in Berlin, President Steinmeier visiting Kyiv on Tuesday, the Iris air-defence systems making their way towards Ukraine and additional ones promised, one can see a change in Germany’s attitude towards the conflict in Ukraine.

However, TVP World’s guest stressed that the situation was much more complex. “Steinmeier is actually one of the last European leaders going to Ukraine,” he noted, recalling that although the German president intended to visit Kyiv, “President Volodymyr Zelenskyy didn’t want him to come because of Germany’s policies towards Ukraine.” In this context, Mr Piekło recalled the frequent phone calls held with Russia’s dictator Vladimir Putin.

Mr Piekło stressed that the German plan on the reconstruction of Ukraine was dropping in quite late as there had been similar initiatives in precedence. “It’s good that it is happening but it is very difficult for Ukrainians and the central Europeans to believe it is a solid change of the German attitude.”

Mr Piekło recalled a recent comment coming from the foreign minister of the federal German state of Saxony who said that Saxony would continue collaborating with Germany and that deliveries of Russian gas to Germany would be renegotiated.

“It sounds a bit schizophrenic,” Mr Piekło said, adding that on one hand, Germany was making some gestures of goodwill, including the delivery of military assistance, while on the other persevering about the importance of dialogue with Russia.

For more insights from Jan Piekło, click the video above.

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