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World News 25.10

In this episode of World News, focus is on further discoveries in Izium revealing new Russian crimes against Ukraine, a conference in Berlin laying out a plan for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, and five alleged Chinese operatives being apprehended in the U.S., among other topics.

Citizens and soldiers alike are preparing for the coming winter, as the war in Ukraine rages on. With as much as 40 percent of its energy infrastructure in ruin, the months ahead will prove a challenge for many in the country.

Ukrainian officers seize documents belonging to Russian occupiers

Although liberated from Russian occupation, Izium in the south of the Kharkiv region still bears the scars of war. New evidence of Russia’s war plans is being unearthed as local authorities investigate the area. Our reporter Sally Jastrzębska was in Izium and has the story.

Germany is taking concrete steps to support Ukraine

Germany has stopped dragging its feet on supporting Ukraine both politically and militarily. At a special conference in Berlin, German and EU leadership laid out a plan for the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. TVP World was joined by Poland’s former ambassador to Ukraine Jan Piekło to expound on details.

International Crimea Platform

The First Parliamentary Summit of the International Crimea Platform began today, with over fifty speakers gathered to discuss the security situation in Ukraine. The format, established last year, is focused primarily on ending Russia’s occupation of the peninsula, which began in 2014.

Rishi Sunak invited by King Charles III to form a government

The UK now has a new Prime Minister — Rishi Sunak has officially taken the office after being invited to form a government by King Charles. What promise does he carry for the government, the economy and the people? Our correspondent Klaudia Czerwińska has more.

U.S. presses charges against five Chinese spies

Five Chinese nationals have been charged in the US with espionage in connection with a probe into Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei. The five alleged operatives were caught red-handed by an undercover FBI agent.

EU braces for sharp increase in Balkan route traffic

A rise in traffic on the Balkan Route, used by thousands of migrants making their way into Europe, has prompted many countries to tighten their borders. Tackling illegal migration and helping refugees fleeing Ukraine topped the agenda of the Fourth Ministerial Conference of the Prague Process. Officials gathered at the conference signed a joint declaration ahead of potential emergencies, similar to last year’s engineered crisis on the Belarusian border.

Tensions between Israel and Palestine grow

Five Palestinians were killed during a major Israeli raid on the West Bank. The Palestinians were alleged members of the Lion’s Den militant group which was the operation’s main target. So far, 2022 is shaping up to be the most violent year since 2015 in the conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Taiwan condemns Chinese pressure at democracy assembly

As the World Movement for Democracy’s three-day global assembly in Taipei kicks off, Taiwanese authorities have assured they would not be bowing to pressure from China. Recent remarks from Beijing saw President Xi refusing to rule out the use of force against Taiwan in their pursuit of “reunification”.

Special initiative gives books to new-born babies

Reading has always been one of humanity’s greatest ways to learn. We usually begin reading when we are a few years old, but a special initiative from Poland brings books to the youngest of us all – newborn babies.

Partial solar eclipse makes rounds

On Tuesday, a partial solar eclipse graced the skies over Europe, western Asia, northeastern Africa, and the Middle East. The event, which lasted only a few minutes, was a true spectacle.

Parkour enthusiasts in Paris promote energy conservation

In light of the upcoming winter energy crisis in Europe, many work to draw attention to the issue of energy conservation. In Paris, a group of athletes came up with a rather unusual way of doing just that.

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