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Russia chose escalation: Poland’s representative at UN General Assembly

The recent Kremlin decisions to mobilise more troops, deploy mass attacks on civilian targets, and illegally annex Ukrainian territories, coupled with aggressive nuclear rhetoric, indicate that Russia has chosen escalation, said Poland’s Permanent Representative at the UN, Krzysztof Szczerski. He added that Russia is breaking international law.

“We vehemently condemn the recent rocket attacks on Ukrainian cities. Firing on civilians is a war crime. Civilians are not the target. Civilians are protected by international law, including the Geneva Conventions. Civilians cannot be taken as hostages,” emphasis Mr. Szczerski.

Collaboration with international institutions

Krzysztof Szczerski added that Poland will collaborate with international institutions and Ukraine to bring to justice those that ordered and implemented the barbaric attacks on civilians.

“It was Russia who initiated the aggression and only Russia is fully responsible for the whole destruction and the casualties it has caused,” said Poland’s Ambassador, adding that the only way to achieve peace is to drive away the Russian troops from Ukraine.

More attacks on civilian homes

Three people were hospitalised and two more were wounded in Friday attacks on civilian homes and the infrastructure of Zaporizhia, a city in southeastern Ukraine, according to the Chief of the District Military Administration, Oleksandr Staruk.

The city was attacked by S-300 rockets, resulting in six explosions. The missiles hit civilian infrastructure, including a civilian home and a gas pipe. First responders and emergency services were able to quickly put out the fire. Unfortunately, the missiles hit one of the highway intersections. Five people were wounded. There are no military targets anywhere near the area that was under the attack.

“Only civilian targets were hit,” siad Oleksandr Staruk.

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