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Business Arena 21.10

On Friday’s episode, Business Arena’s host David Kennedy kicked off the show with the instalment’s main stories which were: the 5G network and Liz Truss stepping down as British Prime Minister after just 45 days in office.

Fifth-generation networks offer higher data speeds and cut delays to give an almost instantaneous response, promising new opportunities and applications for businesses and consumers.

Business Arena’s guest

To look closer at the cybersecurity aspects and benefits of 5G, TVP World invited Martin Mellor, Country Manager for Ericsson Poland.

Among other topics looked at in the episode:

Liz Truss has announced that she would step down from the post of Prime Minister of Great Britain. Within a week, the Tories are to put forward a new candidacy for the head of the government. In the United Kingdom, the average finance minister maintains the seat for a month. Britain plunging into recession is becoming more likely with each passing day, as is the risk that it will be “great” not much longer.

Friday’s show also covered many other topics including:

– Germany will spend EUR 6.3 bn on electric car charging points.

– Estonian art startup opened an Estonian art index on its website, which shows that the volume of Estonian auction galleries has grown significantly in recent years, reaching almost EUR 4.5 mln.

– China’s top technology overseer convened a series of emergency meetings over the past week with leading semiconductor companies, seeking to assess the damage from the Biden administration’s sweeping chip restrictions and pledging support for the critical sector.

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