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We have just witnessed a spectacular end to economic thatcherism: expert on Truss

Liz Truss announced her resignation from the post of the British prime minister after only 45 days in office following a series of blunders and economic woes in the UK. TVP World is joined by International Relations expert Michał Kuź to further analyse the issue and what the future holds for Great Britain.

When asked to round up the reason for Liz Truss’ resignation, Mr Kuź stated that we may have just witnessed what can be described as a spectacular end to economic thatcherism.

Mr Kuź expresses sympathy for Ms Truss for having to inherit a whole array of economic issues, and having to bear the blunder transferred to her by her former finance minister Kwasi Kwarteng in the form of unfunded tax cuts. Meanwhile he speculates that the shift in political paradigm means the knee jerk tax cut in reaction to economic turbulence simply is no longer a catch all solution.

As a political scientist, Mr Kuź finds the resignation of Ms Truss discouraging, while she has undoubtedly had her issues, he finds Liz Truss more favorable to Mr Sunak due to the latter’s dovish leniency on Moscow while having a spouse with business ties to Russia.

Speculating on successor candidates, the guest expects Rishi Sunak to once again throw in the hat as well as former defense minister Penny Mordaunt, who would continue the hawkish forign policy towards Russia in line with her predecessors. He also noted that the popularity of Boris remains relatively on par with the day he left office.

For the next PM to be able to last their term, Mr Kuź said, the new leader would have to project the confidence that Ms Truss lacks. As her U-turn on fiscal policies was what really did her in, it is one thing to have a failed policy, but another to be so uncertain as to look clueless.

The future will likely see Liz Truss out of mainstream politics due to this fatal blunder.

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