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World News 20.10

In this edition of World News, the focus is on, Liz Turss’ resignation from the UK prime minister job, EU leaders seeking solutions to the cost of living and energy crises caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Ukraine bracing itself for a tough winter, and China’s Communist Party summit, among other stories.

PM Truss resigns after only 45 days

In a stunning turn of events, the UK’s Prime Minister resigned just forty-five days since she took the job. The country’s political scene has been thrown into disarray following Liz Truss’ decision, as many are wondering whether a general election is on the way.

EU leaders gathered to discuss energy and cost of living crises

Crisis after crisis – the rising cost of living, energy and gas, and all this with a war going on at the EU border, a dramatic struggle between Ukrainians and the Russian aggressor. EU leaders have a lot to work on. Our correspondent Marek Steele-Zieliński is watching them closely at the summit in Brussels to shed more light on the discussions.

Ukraine and blackouts

Relentless attacks on Ukraine’s energy infrastructure have prompted Kyiv to go into power-saving mode. Authorities have asked store owners to switch off the lights in their displays, and trolleybuses — which run on electricity — have been replaced by busses.

Citizens in Kherson forced to flee to Russia

Ukrainian counteroffensive in the south is closing into the port city of Kherson. Occupational authorities force the citizens to evacuate the city amid concern about a potential Russian attack on a nearby Hydroelectric Power Plant, which might cause flooding in the area. Here’s more.

Xi, the Chairman of Everything

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