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China remains the only country sticking to draconian Covid policies: expert

China holds its 20th National Communist Party Congress, Stankomir Nicieja, Assistant Professor at University of Opole joined TVP World to discuss the contents of the congress and analyse what can be expected of the country going forward.

The re-election of Xi for his unprecedented 3rd term, reconfirmed the decision made in 2018. Professor Nicieja explained that we now know from the congress that none of the Chinese’s attitude has changed in terms of its zero Covid and one China policy.

When asked about China’s claim to Taiwan, Mr Nicieja explained that if purely looking at international documents after the second World War, China does have a legitimate claim to the island country, but that fails to account for the split of the country after the communist revolution. The robust democracy that Taiwan has developed has created a political system completely independent of China.

The situation in Hong Kong further discourages international bodies and solidifies Taiwan’s stance to retain its autonomy for as long as possible. Meanwhile the United States’ stance on Taiwan serves as a reflection of the growing tension and divide between China and the US.

When asked to assess the likelihood of a military invasion in the near future, Mr Nicieja finds it to be quite unlikely, as China still eyes the robust technological industry that Taiwan has developed, it would do China no good to leave it a smouldering crater.

Touching on internal policies, the Professor emphasises that China remains the only major country still sticking to the draconian Covid policies, it is already fostering civil unrest, and throwing the country into a steep economical crisis.

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