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China has been paving the road for Xi since 2018: former Polish trade advisor to China

China is about to enter another phase in its political history with Xi Jinping going into his third term. Robert Góralczyk, Poland’s former trade advisor to China joined TVP World to discuss how Xi’s leadership would tackle the most fundamental issues such as the pandemic, the rivalry with the United States as well as Taiwan.

Xi heading into his third term of presidency almost seems inevitable, 99.99 percent, as Mr Góralczyk describes. As we can observe, the communist country has been paving the way for the Chinese leader since 2018, changing its laws to enable a third term for Xi Jinping.

The cult of personality in China is a more peculiar one. Rather than one’s personal charisma, the Chinese revere the title of the communist leader as inherently meritocratic, putting Xi maybe only second behind a deity, and even that is questionable given CCP’s atheistic governance.

When asked about the challenges and goals ahead of China, the former Polish trade advisor explains that the communist people’s party aspires to what can be summed up as world domination. A wild aspiration for certain, but one that they’re pursuing nonetheless.

Turning the focus on to the pressing situation between China and Taiwan, Mr Góralczyk explains that China has been strictly adhering to the so-called One China Policy, and the Chinese spokesperson said that the communist country sees no other way than Taiwan being part of China.

Taiwan however, has a democratically elected president with completely different laws and systems. Internationally, Taiwan might as well be recognized as an individual state.

Touching on China and Russia’s struggle to be the biggest comunist bloc, Robert Góralczyk estimates that the economic toll Russia has suffered from launching a full-scale invasion in Ukraine will tank the country’s status to the level of North Korea, and would be relying on China to keep its citizens fed.

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