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Opposition likely to win parliamentary election if united says poll

Poland’s three main opposition parties could win the next parliamentary elections, but only if they run on a joint ticket, a new poll has found.

The Civic Coalition (KO), Poland 2050 and the Left would get 50.4 percent of the vote if they ran together, according to the results of the Pollster survey, commissioned and published on Friday by the daily Super Express.

The United Right coalition, which has been in power since 2015, would be supported by 34.6 percent. The coalition comprises of the dominant Law and Justice (PiS) party and its smaller allies Solidary Poland and the Republican Party.

The far-right Confederation would win 12.2 percent of the vote while 2.71 percent of the respondents would support another party.

The situation would look completely different if the opposition parties decided to run for parliament separately.

In such a situation, the United Right would win the election, with 34.87 percent of the vote.

The KO, Poland’s biggest opposition grouping, would be supported by 29.3 percent, Poland 2050 by 12.63, and the Left by 9.22 percent. The Confederation would get 6.31 percent of the vote and the Polish People’s Party 6.05 percent.

Pollster ran the survey on a representative sample of 1,014 adult Poles on September 21-22.

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