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Two leading parties consolidate support

Poland’s two main political groupings, the governing United Right and the opposition Civic Coalition (KO), have strengthened their support base, a poll has shown.

In a Social Changes poll published by the right-wing news website on Thursday, the United right was supported by 37 percent of respondents, up by 1 percentage point compared to the previous poll.

The centrist KO got 30 percent, up 4 percentage points.

Poland 2050, a new conservative party that emerged from a grassroots movement led by Szymon Holownia, a TV personality and Catholic writer, was supported by 10 percent, while the far-right Confederation got 8 percent.

The only two other parties that would cross the 5-percent threshold required for parliamentary representation include the New Left on 6 percent and the pro-agrarian Polish People’s Party on 5 percent.

Of the 1,074 Poles who took part in the survey run from September 16 to 19, 61 percent said they would go to the polls.

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