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Pulse of Culture 21.09

“Talents: Ukraine!” is a new TVP competition for the best script for a TV series. Until October 7, any adult with Ukrainian citizenship can apply. A monetary prize is up for grabs, but so is the chance to bring a story to the silver screen.

“The war in Ukraine is affecting the entire society, not only on a political and personal level, but also on a professional level. The audiovisual industry, among others, is collapsing, with Ukrainian filmmakers finding themselves in a difficult situation,” the competition ’s organiser wrote on its website.

“Faced with the inability of authors, scriptwriters and directors to function in their own country, TVP came up with an initiative to support their work,” it added.

The winners of the competition for the best series will be awarded a cash prize of PLN 30,000 (EUR 6,275). In addition, the winning scripts, selected by the “Talents: Ukraine!” jury, will be eligible for production by TVP.

Learn more (in Ukrainian) here.

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