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Rock Rachon 20.09

The ongoing Ukrainian offensive has pushed Russian forces to withdraw from some areas in the Kharkiv region, leaving behind new pieces of equipment. Now this military machinery, like the T90-M tank, will aid Ukrainian forces in their advance. Although the Ukrainian military managed to secure vast territories in the North, their counteroffensive in the South appears to be in a stalemate.

“Russian forces are desperately attempting to mobilize additional forces from all potential sources to backfill their heavily degraded and demoralized units but have proven unable to generate significant combat power,” the Institute for the Study of War wrote on Monday.

Furthermore, Moscow plans to go ahead with their annexation referendums in the so-called People’s republics of Luhansk (LPR) and Donetsk (DRL). This, however, may prove hard to execute as the situation on the frontlines puts Russia in a difficult position.

Still, more and more evidence is being uncovered of possible Russian war crimes. The most recent site, showing the true face of the invasion, has been discovered in Izium, where hundreds of bodies were found in a mass grave.

These and other issues were discussed with the head of the Hybrid Warfare Analytical Group Oleksandra Tsekhanovska from the Ukraine Crisis Media Centre, the former Prime Minister of the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria and current leader of Free Chechens Ahmed Zakayev and security and defence analyst and consultant and founder of Info Ops France Denys Kolesnyk.

Mrs Tsekhanovska spoke about Russian war crimes and the recently uncovered mass grave in Izium. The leader of Free Chechens focused on the ongoing military counteroffensive and how Russia is “a threat to the entire civilised world”. Lastly, the founder of Info Ops France discussed Russian propaganda and disinformation.

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