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Poland restricts entry for Russian citizens

The ordinance amended by the Minister of Interior virtually bans Russian nationals from entering Poland. Under the amendment, Russians travelling for tourism, cultural, sporting, or business purposes will not be able to come to Poland from beyond the EU’s external borders. They will still be able to enter Poland through other Schengen countries, however, as Poland must honour visas granted by other EU countries.

“Only broad, severe sanctions can have a decisive impact on Putin’s regime,” Minister of Interior Mariusz Kamiński wrote on Twitter.

Podpisałem dziś rozporządzenie zaostrzające ograniczenie wjazdu do Polski przez obywateli Rosji. To efekt wspólnych uzgodnień Polski, Estonii, Litwy i Łotwy.

Tylko szerokie, dotkliwe sankcje mogą w zdecydowany sposób uderzyć w reżim Putina.

— Mariusz Kamiński (@Kaminski_M_) September 19, 2022

Baltic states to enforce restrictions on entry for Russians as of Monday

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The new measures are the result of joint arrangements between Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

The restrictions will apply to Russians at all land border crossings effective immediately upon being published in the Journal of Laws. A delay of one week, until September 26, will be made for air and sea border crossings. As the Deputy Minister of Interior, Bartosz Grodecki, explained, this has been done to allow air and sea carriers to adjust to the new law.

After that, a carrier that allows an individual that is barred from entering the EU through a Polish border crossing under the new regulations will be turned away and transported back to the original point of departure at the cost of the carrier.

Baltic states to enforce restrictions on entry for Russians as of Monday

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There are exceptions to the ban on the entry of Russian citizens. According to the regional agreement Poland made with Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia, Russian dissidents opposed to Putin’s regime, people travelling for humanitarian purposes (e.g. medical treatment), people already holding Polish residence permits, teamsters, and diplomats, are exempted.

Additionally, in exceptional cases, commanders of Polish Border Guard posts will be able to allow an otherwise barred individual to enter Poland after receiving permission from the Head of the Border Guard.

“The initiative is meant to mobilise the remaining EU member states and EU institutions to adopt a joint position on restrictions on travel for reasons other than absolutely necessary for Russian citizens,” stressed the Ministry of Interior in a statement.

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