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NPP leak in Isar 2 jeopardises Germany’s winter power security plan

E.ON has informed the German government of a leak at the Isar 2 nuclear power plant. Although the plant’s security has not been compromised, the leak could complicate the government’s plan to keep the plant on standby during the winter.

Germany was planning to phase out nuclear power completely by the end of the year. But worries about energy shortages caused by Russia cutting its energy imports in response to sanctions imposed on the Kremlin following the Russian invasion of Ukraine had led to a slight change in plans. Two of the three remaining nuclear reactors, including Isar 2 in the state of Bavaria, were to remain on standby after December 31.

German Ministry of Environment said that the Isar 2 plant will require a week-long repair period in October. A spokesperson for E.ON, which operates Isar 2 through one of its subsidiaries, said that the company could keep the plant operational into 2023, but added that “Due to the necessary lead times, however, it is now necessary for the ongoing political discussions to quickly lead to a clear result and for all those involved to create planning security as quickly as possible.”

The Federal Ministry of Environment announced that jointly with the Ministry of Economy, it was “examining the new situation and its implications for the design and implementation of the standby reserve” of the Isar 2.

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