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World News 17.09

Poland opens a canal across the Vistula Spit, 83rd anniversary of Soviet aggression commemorated, and not a day goes by without new evidence of Russian depraved savagery being uncovered. This and much more are in the Saturday edition of World News.

Vistula Spit canal opens

The first stage of the construction of the Vistula Spit canal has come to an end, marking a historic moment for Poland. The canal will allow vessels to avoid the Russian-controlled waters during their journey toward Polish territory. Polish president Andrzej Duda and prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki took part in the official celebrations. A report from TVP World’s Kazimierz Łysiak.

83rd anniversary of the Soviet aggression of Poland

83 years ago, on September 17, 1939, in violation of the Polish-Soviet non-aggression pact, the Red Army invaded the territory of Poland in order to implement the agreements of the secret Ribbentrop-Molotov pact signed with Nazi Germany. The alliance of the two totalitarian regimes plunged Poland into one of the darkest periods in its history.

More Russian atrocities uncovered

As Ukrainian forces successfully took back thousands of square kilometres in the Kharkiv region, the scale of atrocities committed by the invading Russians is beginning to come to light. Investigators, forensic experts and war crime prosecutors began the exhumation of hundreds of civilians in the city of Izium. Many of those murdered have yet to be identified while investigators are also looking for signs of executions and war crimes. TVP World’s correspondent to Ukraine, Don Arleth, reported on the details of what he witnessed there.

POTUS warns Putin against using WMDs

US President Joe Biden has warned Russia against military escalation in Ukraine. During an interview for CBS, Biden stated that if Vladimir Putin decided to use chemical or nuclear weapons, it would change the face of war and would force the United States to take decisive steps.

Europe infiltrated by Russian spies

In Italy, the discovery of a covert Kremlin influence campaign has raised concerns ahead of this month’s elections. Meanwhile, the Dutch media claim the head of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, Tiny Kox, supported Russia’s interests and was in contact with a GRU agent.

NATO conference in Tallinn

It is the second day of NATO’s Military Chiefs of Defence conference in Tallinn, Estonia. The Military Committee has gathered to discuss strategic developments in the sphere of security as well as NATO operations, missions, and activities.

London says goodbye

Saturday marks exactly one week since Charles III was proclaimed king. We will now take a look at the first week of his reign as well as at the ongoing ceremony commemorating the late Queen Elizabeth II. A report by TVP World’s correspondent in London, Klaudia Czerwińska.

Strike at Damascus

According to Syrian authorities, Israeli missiles struck the Damascus airport, killing five soldiers. The attack forms part of a long-standing Israeli campaign of directing airstrikes against facilities used by the government of President Bashar al-Assad and his allies.

String of strange bank robberies in Lebanon

Lebanon’s banks decided to close their facilities for a few days after a series of unusual criminal activities. A number of armed citizens took hostages, demanding that the banks allow them to withdraw their own, frozen assets.

Lewandowski strikes again

Barcelona striker Robert Lewandowski continued his goal spree by scoring twice during the match against Elche. Overall, the Catalans have cruised to a 3-0 win against their rivals, Elche.

World News guest

TVP World’s Anna Jabłońska interviewed the director of Poland’s World War Two Museum, Professor Grzegorz Berendt, about the 83rd anniversary of the Soviet attack on Poland.

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