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10 Russian torture chambers found in liberated areas: Ukrainian police

Russians have detained an as-yet unspecified number of people whom they then abused in ten torture chambers, most of which were located in Izium, and others spread in the area around the city. Some were abused for as long as two months. One person has been confirmed killed, however the number looks likely to rise. The savage brutality of the invaders was not limited to the local Ukrainian population but also extended to foreigners who were unfortunate enough to fall into the torturers’ hands.

“In the de-occupied territories of Kharkiv region, ten torture chambers have been discovered so far,” announced Ihor Klymenko, the National Police Chief of Ukraine. “We know for sure that people were tortured there, and we already have information about those who died there.”

Six torture chambers were located in the city of Izium, two in Balakliya, and one in the village of Hrakovo and the town of Vovchansk. Servicemen of the Russian National Guard (Rosgvardia), Federal Security Service (FSB), and assorted police units, including the Special Rapid Response Unit (SOBR), are known to have been deployed in the area.

In some cases, where possible, the torture chambers were located in police stations or other administrative buildings. Elsewhere, they were located in warehouses and factories.

The death of one local resident, a 40-year-old man who was killed in Balakliya, has already been confirmed. “This is a local farmer who was tortured to death. He was killed by a noose,” said Chief Klymenko.

The torturers did not limit themselves to abusing the locals. Seven Sri Lankan students of the Kupiansk Medical College tried to escape to Kharkiv for safety but were captured by the invaders during the offensive.

“They were detained and placed in a cell in Vovchansk, they were tortured. Their nails were pulled out with pliers. Everyone is in an emotionally unstable state. These people were in torture chambers for several months,” Klymenko said.

The Russians tortured civilians, men and women alike, to extract information about the deployment of Ukrainian troops, any possible stay-behind units, and army veterans, especially those who have participated in the fighting against pro-Russian separatists in the Donbas since 2014. According to Klymenko, the captives were detained and tortured for time periods lasting from three days to around two months.

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