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Mass graves discovered in Izium following ousting of Russians

A mass grave containing 440 bodies was found by Ukrainian authorities in the northeastern town of Izium that was recaptured from Russian forces days ago, officials said.

“Mass graves are being discovered in Izium after liberation from the (Russians)”, with the largest burial site holding 440 unmarked graves, the Ukrainian defence ministry tweeted.

Mass graves are being discovered in Izyum after liberation from the russcists. The current largest burial sights has 440 unmarked [email protected] : "The necessary procedural actions have already begun there. More information – clear, verified – should be available tomorrow."

— Defense of Ukraine (@DefenceU) September 15, 2022

“Some died because of artillery fire … some died because of air strikes,” Serhiy Bolvinov, the chief police investigator for Kharkiv region, told Sky News.

The authenticity of the discovery has not yet been confirmed by independent sources, however, given the heavy fighting that took part in the vicinity of the town and previous instances of mass graves in places such as Bucha, this find is likely real.

At least 440 graves in a mass grave in Izyum

This was told by the head of the investigative department Sergey Bolvinov.

Zelenskyy also spoke about mass graves in the city in an evening address. He noted that "all the necessary investigative actions" have already begun in Izyum.

— NEXTA (@nexta_tv) September 15, 2022

Visiting Izium on Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy compared the discovery to alleged war crimes by Russian forces against civilians in Bucha, in the suburbs of Kyiv, in the early days of the war.

“Russia is leaving death behind it everywhere and must be held responsible,” President Zelenskyy said in a video address late on Thursday.

Russia has denied targeting civilians or committing war crimes.

Leaving behind large amounts of ammunition and equipment, Russian troops retreated from Izium in thousands last weekend after occupying the city and taking advantage of its location as a logistics hub in the Kharkiv region.

But now, according to Ukrainian officers, Russian forces are digging in and it would be hard to maintain the pace of the advance.

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