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Pulse of Culture 15.09

In this episode of TVP World’s Pulse of Culture, our programme’s host Agata Konarska takes a closer look at the “In Ukraine. Justyna Mielnikiewicz” exhibition taking place in the International Cultural Centre (ICC) in Kraków.

“Photographs by Justyna Mielnikiewicz bring human emotions to the forefront. They allow us to see the war in Ukraine through the lens of the stories of specific people. We will not see combat scenes or wounded soldiers in the photos. The artist shows that despite the drama unfolding around the war, life goes on,” the ICC website wrote about the exhibition.

This episode also featured the Green Point Film Festival in New York. The event focuses on giving a voice to thought-provoking and untold stories, as well as bringing together the community of North Brooklyn.

Other events covered in this episode include the Great Creators International Music Festival in Lviv, Ukraine and the International Circus Festival “Helium” in Vilnius.

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