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Business Arena 14.09

On Monday’s episode our host Sascha Fahrbach kicked off the programme with our main stories which were: situation at the real estate market in Poland and the United States offering the country a 100-year partnership including world-class technology and funding to establish a Polish nuclear power programme.

The housing market in Poland has witnessed rapid growth in recent years. However, in recent months, the country’s inhabitants have been bombarded by news about record-high housing prices.

To shed more light on the issue, we were joined by Mateusz Walewski, Chief Economist of The Polish Development Bank BGK.

What’s more…

-During his testimony in front of Congress on Tuesday, Twitter’s ex-security chief Peter Zatko, who also goes by the pseudonym Mudge, stated that at least one Chinese agent is employed by the social media giant.

-Half of all Ukrainian citizens that have fled the war to Poland are now studying Polish, and one in three is planning to do so in the near future, according to a survey carried out by the analytical centre of the international employment agency Gremi Personal.

-The United States Commerce Department announced a collaborative research and development agreement for chip production with Alphabet’s Google.

-On Monday, US Ambassador to Poland Mark Brzezinski and the vice chairman of Westinghouse Polska submitted to the Polish Minister of Climate and Environment, Anna Moskwa, a draft executive report on civil nuclear power cooperation between the US and Poland.

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