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Pulse of Culture 14.09

In this episode of TVP World’s Pulse of Culture, our programme’s host Agata Konarska takes a closer look at the life of recently deceased Jean-Luc Godard, the godfather of France’s New Wave cinema and bold filmmaking innovator. Arguably the most influential French filmmaker of the post-war era.

The Paris-born film guru gained third place in a 2002 Sight & Sound magazine poll in the critics’ top ten directors of all time. He is said to have “created one of the largest bodies of critical analysis of any filmmaker since the mid-twentieth century.” His exploits are believed to have been central to narrative theory and have “challenged both commercial narrative cinema norms and film criticism’s vocabulary.” In 2010, Godard was awarded an Academy Honorary Award but did not attend the award ceremony.

This episode also featured the Beyond Baroque exhibition featuring 14 Swiss and international contemporary artists whose artistic practices demonstrate a relation with the traditional formal vocabulary of the Baroque period.

Other events covered in this episode include the 200-year anniversary of the Holy Trinity Church in Suderwa, Lithuania, the return of 58 looted antiquities to Italy and the introduction of a new autistic character to the “Thomas & Friends” cartoon.

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