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Eastern Express 14.09

Dozens of people were killed in the Azerbaijani-Armenian border region, in an overnight exchange of fire, allegedly started by the Azeri side. Armenia has called on Russia for help, knowing that in the event of a full-scale offensive by Azerbaijan, it will not stand much of a chance.

Around 02:00 local time on Tuesday, Azerbaijani armed forces began a massive shelling of a southeastern section of the border with Armenia using heavy artillery and drones. A ceasefire was reached during the day, but was later broken by the Azeri side.

Azerbaijan seeks to take advantage of the favourable international climate to maximise military pressure against Armenia, including the possibility of forcefully implementing its demands. Azerbaijan is stressing that its actions are but a reaction to Armenia’s provocations and diversionary actions. Nevertheless, Armenia remains militarily passive and is trying to resolve the conflict diplomatically.

This episode further covers the topics of the German Chancellor’s who called on Vladimir Putin to stop the invasion on Ukraine, Kazakhstan changing the name of its capital back to Astana, a possible Russian mobilisation and Pope Francis’ visit to Kazakhstan.

To shed more light on these issues TVP World invited Arkadiusz Legieć from the Polish Institute for International Affairs.

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