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Rock Rachon 13.09

This episode of Rock Rachon analyses the latest Russian tactics and Ukrainian counter-offensive as well as a more general overview of the conflict in Ukraine and how it contrasts with other recent wars.

According to the Institute for the Study of War the ongoing Ukraine counter-offensive in the Kharkiv Oblast has led to not only significant territorial gains for Ukraine but is “constantly degrading the morale and combat capabilities of Russian forces”.

According to the British Ministry of Defence the latest Ukrainian offensive forced Russia to withdraw one of its most prestigious military units from the battlefield.

Rock Rachon’s first guest, Mykola Bielieskov, Research Fellow at the National Institute for Strategic Studies, was asked for his thoughts on Russia targeting critical civilian infrastructure in Ukraine.

The programme’s second guest, Steven Moore, an American political strategist and public opinion researcher was asked about the difference between the war in Ukraine and the various other war scenarios he has confronted down the years.

The final guest was journalist Matthew Tyrmand who was asked about the surprising election results in Sweden.

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