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Business Arena 13.09

Business Arena host David Kennedy kicked off Tuesday’s edition with the following stories: Superstate would bring the EU to bankruptcy and EU countries can use EUR 225 bln of EU loans for the energy crisis.

According to Robert Schuman, the unification of the European Union in the form of a superstate would bring the European Community to bankruptcy and destroy the great concept of the Community of European Nations. To shed more light on Schuman’s thoughts Business Arena was joined by Prof. Krysiak, the Chairman of the Program Council of the Institute of Schuman’s Thought.

Tuesday’s show also covered many other topics including:

Turkish defence firm Baykar to set up a factory in Ukraine. Baykar’s Bayraktar TB2 drone has been immensely popular in Ukraine, where it helped destroy many Russian artillery systems and armoured vehicles.

King Charles will be facing the opposite way to his mother the Queen when his face replaces hers on money. In the UK, there is currently GBP 80 billion of money in circulation featuring Queen Elizabeth II’s face. Charles’ image will face left due to a 17th-century tradition that the direction must alternate for each new monarch.

A flyer advocacy group urged a US court to order the Federal Aviation Administration to set minimum seat dimensions on passenger aeroplanes. In 2018, Congress said the FAA within a year had to issue regulations establishing minimum dimensions for passenger seats – including minimums for seat pitch, width, and length – “that are necessary for the safety of passengers.”

European Union countries can use EUR 225 billion (USD 227.57 billion) in untapped loans from the EU’s recovery fund to address energy problems and other challenges resulting from the Russian war in Ukraine.

The European Union launched an unprecedented 800 billion euro joint borrowing programme last year to help its 27 members recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and turn their economies greener. But instead of the pandemic, governments are now grappling with a cost-of-living crisis caused by surging energy prices after Russia stopped much of its EU gas deliveries in retaliation for the bloc’s support for Ukraine.

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