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Pulse of Culture 13.09

The 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia opened on Monday, September 12.

One of the films competing for the main prize will be “Below the Surface” (Orzeł: ostatni patrol) directed but Jacek Bławut, about a mission of a Polish submarine during World War Two.

19 other films will also be competing for the main prize, and about 150 films in total will be screened in all of the categories. The festival is accompanied by exhibitions. Festival-goers can see paintings and prints authored by Polish actor Krzysztof Globisz, and the premiere of a digitally reconstructed version of Michał Waszyński’s “Great Road” (Wielka droga) will be accompanied by an exhibition dedicated to General Władysław Anders’ II Corps, organised by the National Film Archive.

Other events and news presented in the episode: Jean-Luc Godard, legendary French filmmaker, passes away at 91; the International Tango Festival and Championship in Buenos Aires; Ofentse Pitse, South Africa’s first Black female conductor pushes the boundaries of musical genres together with her “Anchored Sound” orchestra.

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