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World News 12.09

Ukrainians on the counter-offensive, discontent begins to brew in Russia over Putin’s war, and Sweden may face a political shake-up. This and much more in the Monday edition of World News.

Ukraine’s fierce counter-offensive

Ukraine continues its counter-offensive. Russian troops are either defeated or running away. Now, in the liberated cities, it will be necessary to investigate war crimes, as well as track down collaborators and enemy soldiers in hiding. This is already happening in the city of Izium, in the Kharkiv Region. TVP World’s correspondent Donald Arleth reported from Kharkiv on the most recent developments in the area.

Power plants: the current war

The situation in Zaporizhzhia is far from stable. Not a day goes by without further reports of destroyed water and electrical facilities. The International Atomic Energy Agency continues to pursue protective mechanisms to put an end to the shelling of the nearby nuclear power plant.

Putin’s homefront trouble

Vladimir Putin’s war is starting to affect the situation on the home front. With Russians continuously displeased with the government’s policies, local authorities are attempting to turn the tide.

UK in mourning

TVP World’s special correspondent Marek Steele reported from London on how Great Britain is mourning their beloved queen and welcoming the new monarch. King Charles III was in the UK Parliament today and later he joined the cortege following his mother’s coffin in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh.

Conservatives in the lead in Sweden

It looks like there is going to be a political shake-up in Sweden. After eight years in power, the social democrats are now expected to lose the parliamentary elections. The official results of yesterday’s election in Sweden will be published mid-week.

Boosting Lithuania’s civil protection

Measures to strengthen civil protection were announced to the public today at Lithuania’s Ministry of the Interior in Vilnius. Minister Agnė Bilotaitė stated that the lack of a clear, common strategy, poor funding, and insufficient state-level leadership has revealed systemic shortcomings in the area of civil protection.

German-Israeli talks

Germany is in negotiations with Israel to purchase the Arrow 3 missile defence system as part of its attempts to reinforce its military capabilities following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said during a visit to Berlin on Monday. Scholz reiterated his support for a “two-state” solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

Papal visit to Kazakhstan

On Tuesday, Pope Francis will begin his three-day visit to Kazakhstan. The official title of the visit is “Messengers of Peace and Unity”. During his visit, the Pope was supposed to meet, among others, with the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill, but the Patriarch of Moscow cancelled his trip to the central Asian country.

339th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna

September 12 marks the anniversary of the Battle of Vienna. In 1683, the Polish cavalry stopped the Turkish advance, establishing themselves as an inspiration for future artists.

Royal canines

Queen Elizabeth’s beloved corgis have found a new home after the Queen’s passing away on Thursday at Balmoral. Prince Andrew and his former wife, Sarah, Duchess of York will become the new caretakers of Royal dogs, Muick and Sandy.

World News’ guest

Jan Darasz, historian and an editor for, talked about the momentous battle of Vienna, which took place in 1683.

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