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Polish and Danish Defence Ministers discuss cooperation, Ukraine

For Poland and Denmark, security in the Baltic Sea basin is the most important issue, Mariusz Błaszczak, Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and head of the Ministry of Defence, said on Monday after a meeting with his Danish counterpart Morten Bødskov in Warsaw.

At a joint press conference, Mr Błaszczak said that the talks concerned security in the Baltic Sea area, the continuation of aid and support to Ukraine and the strengthening of military cooperation between the two countries.

“We have been cooperating for a long time, I think that for both our countries security in the Baltic Sea area is the most important issue,” he noted, thanking the Danish Defence Minister for the meeting.

Mr Błaszczak added that both countries welcome the fact that Sweden and Finland will soon be joining the North Atlantic Alliance and also expressed his appreciation for Denmark’s support to Ukraine.

He pointed out that it is very important to support the war-torn country effectively, stressing that “free Ukraine means free Poland, but also free Europe.”

Russia’s Baltic activity ‘will increase’

According to the Danish Defence Minister, the ongoing conflict in the East is bound to last for years and Moscow’s activity in the Baltic Sea will increase in the near future. “Therefore, Poland and Denmark must strengthen and intensify their cooperation,” he pointed out.

As he explained, the Baltic Sea basin is a particularly important region for his country hence the response to increased Russian activity must be “closer cooperation and deterrence.”

Mr Bødskov positively assessed the bilateral cooperation between the countries in the fields of research and development sector and military, also praising Poland for its stance towards helping Ukraine.

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