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The monarchy knows how to ‘keep calm and carry on’: British journalist

Patrick Ney, a British journalist and parenting trainer residing in Poland was TVP World’s guest invited to shed some light on the importance of Queen Elizabeth to the Brits and her role in maintaining the popularity of the British monarchy.

First, Mr Ney was asked about the day the Queen passed away. As he recollects, the situation developed very quickly. He points out that everybody knew something is afoot, because of how unusual it is for Buckingham Palace to make statements about the monarch’s health.

He also says that it was visible to all how the Queen’s health worsened since the death of her husband, Prince Philip, in April last year. He says that due to the Queen’s advanced age, 96, everybody realised that eventually she will be gone, but as with a beloved family member and one that has been such a constant presence, it was still a painful blow to hear the news of Elizabeth II’s death.

Mr Ney describes the day leading up to the Queen’s death as “this horrible wait”, as the most important members of the Royal Family raced to Balmoral to be present at the Queen’s deathbed.

Other matters discussed by Mr Ney were: the Queen’s long reign and how greatly the world changed in the 70 years she spent on the throne; can King Charles III fill his mother’s shoes; the prevalence of republican sentiments in the UK; what changes to expect from the new monarch and whether they will be revolutionary or evolutionary?

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