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Ukrainian fire projectiles with leaflets calling on Russians to surrender

Before continuing the counteroffensive to liberate the occupied Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, Ukrainian Armed Forces have also been conducting another kind of counteroffensive: a propaganda one.

“[This is] one of the ways to conduct informational work with the enemy in the areas with no Internet connection – launching the leaflet projectiles,” wrote Hanna Malyar, Ukrainian Deputy Minister of Defence. “Before advancing, our Defence Forces give the Russian occupiers one last chance to yield themselves [prisoner]. Otherwise, the only thing which awaits them on the Ukrainian land is death.”

The leaflets contain information on how to surrender to Ukrainian forces. Another example of a propaganda leaflet is one addressed to fighters of the separatist Donetsk and Luhansk “People’s Republics”.

“Resident of the Dobas! Russians are using you as cannot fodder! […] You do not need this war! Surrender to Ukrainian Armed Forces. Ukraine guarantees you an amnesty and your safety.”

The projectiles with the leaflets contain 1,500 leaflets each. They are fired using RM-70 Vampire multiple-launch rocket systems, which were provided to Ukraine by Czechia. The artillery units tasked with firing the projectiles do so several times a day to cover as much ground as possible and move around frequently to avoid detection and counterfire.

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