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Poland can be an inspiration: Polish Consul General in NYC

In an interview with TVP World’s Ben Lee, the Polish Consul General to New York, Adrian Kubicki, brought to light the vast source of innovative wealth that is embedded within Polish culture. He explained how much of the world could stand to benefit from an awakening to what Polish culture has to offer, and draw lessons from the country’s history.

The Consul General explained that after having been reborn from the ashes of the second world war, Poland does not carry the baggage of outdated systems and infrastructures, hence allowing the county to open to the adaptation of innovative technologies.

Mr Kubicki cited public transportation in Warsaw as an example; convenient, and wide reaching, yet consistent in its infrastructure from which even New York City could take inspiration.

The global Polish community reaches far and wide, representing a population in many corners of the world which is far from negligible. Having worked extensively with the Polish diaspora of east coast America, the Polish Consul General observes that through integration, both the Polish and the local community have taken strides in progress, when it comes to many facets of society.

Poland’s history, even though tragic, is also a tale of bravery and withstanding against all odds. Mr Kubicki stressed that it is now a crucial time to turn the spotlight to those who have lived through the tragic yet awe-inspiring times. He urges for more effort to be made, and more resources to be devoted to ensuring that the history and culture of Poland, the country that rose from the ashes, will not be buried under the sands of time.

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