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Raytheon to test Patriot system components for Poland in October

Checks on the integration of the components of the first Patriot missile battery for Poland will start in October, Caroline Touchstone, the director of the Patriot-Wisla programme at Raytheon Missiles and Defence, has announced.

Touchstone told PAP on Wednesday, on the sidelines of the International Defence Industry Exhibition in the central town of Kielce, that all the elements of the US Patriot anti-ballistic missile defence system have been delivered to Poland.

She said that the first battery will consist of radars, power generators, combat control stations and components produced by Polish partners, including M903 launchers made by Huta Stalowa Wola.

The Patriot batteries will form the Wisla medium-range air/missile defence system in Poland. In 2018, the country signed an inter-governmental agreement with the US for the delivery of two batteries. In May this year, the Polish defence ministry announced the imminent purchase of six more Patriot systems.

The Polish Patriot batteries are to be integrated into the IBCS air management system that is being developed for the US Army.

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