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Polish PM suggests suspending ETS system; EC rebuffs proposal

European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen rebuffed a call by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to temporarily suspend the EU’s Emission Trading System (ETS). The move would likely have led to stabilised power prices in Europe.

At an energy summit in Copenhagen, PM Morawiecki suggested suspending the ETS system, the EU’s main tool for both reducing carbon emissions and enforcing its climate policy.

“Why add another 90 or 100 euros in the form of ETS allowances to already very high electricity prices? We can revert back to the system the moment we secure energy for all of Europe and we bring back peace to Ukraine,” the Polish PM asked.

Energy-intensive industries have long complained that having to pay for carbon emissions they produce via the ETS system puts them at a disadvantage compared with non-EU industries.

The proposal was rejected by the European Commission, which continues to seek extensive limitation on the EU’s carbon dioxide emissions.

“We need the emission trading system to cut CO2 emissions,” Ms Von der Leyen said at the same news conference. Furthermore, she said, the EU is working on an emergency tool and structural reform of the EU’s electricity market.

During the energy summit in Copenhagen, Poland and Nordic countries agreed to cooperate in reaching total independence from energy resources supplied by Russia. A declaration on the issue was signed by the Prime Ministers of Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland, as well as the German Chancellor and the President of Lithuania. They agreed on importing fuels, mainly liquified natural gas, from outside Europe but also to increase energy output from renewable sources like wind farms.

The Baltic Sea countries plan to increase renewable energy output sevenfold by 2030. They also hope to improve cooperation in reaching energy safety in the region.

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