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Eastern Express 30.08

One year after the Taliban took control of Kabul and proclaimed the emergence of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, there haven’t been any notable developments as to the Taliban regime’s relations with the outside world. The Taliban regime is as yet not recognised by any country, however, the Afghan government is endeavouring to establish relations with Moscow.

In its ‘external relations’, the Taliban regime is limited to having to find ways of meeting the population’s elementary needs for electricity and fuel. The Taliban regime does not have access to the financial reserves of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan – the state which directly preceded the Taliban-controlled Emirate. This has resulted in the Taliban looking to barter with Russia.

Moscow wants to make known its willingness to provide real economic assistance to Afghanistan, otherwise, it might give the impression that it has nothing more to offer than diplomatic support.

This episode further covers the topics of the IAEA mission to Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, Lithuania’s border wall with Belarus, US official envoy to Bosnia-Herzegovina accusing Russia of causing increased turmoil in the Balkan region, and Kazakh investigators completing their inquiry into the country’s ex-president and his cabinet.

To shed more light on these issues TVP World invited Bruce Pannier, a Central Asian expert from Radio Europe/Radio Liberty.

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