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Eastern Express 29.08

Moldova, which was formally granted EU candidate status at the EU summit on June 23, 2022, is facing an energy crisis and a financial crisis due to soaring gas prices in world markets. In addition, the situation in Transnistria remains tense.

The financial crisis in which Moldova finds itself, is related to skyrocketing prices of gas in world markets. This, in turn, is the result of Gazprom’s deliberate policy of restricting supplies to European countries.

Moscow treats Gazprom’s supply policy as a tool of political blackmail against European countries and tries to force them into accepting their policy towards Ukraine and the Central European region.

This episode further covers the topics of Russia blocking the adoption of the UN nuclear non-proliferation treaty, the meeting of EU ministers regarding Russian visas, Dell Technologies ceasing operations in Russia and Hungary permitting the Russian Rosatom company to construct two nuclear reactors despite sanctions.

To shed more light on these issues TVP World invited Poland’s former ambassador to Ukraine Jan Piekło.

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